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Sending special cargo with Tsaradia

Check-in takes place on the day of the flight at the airport of departure, before the acceptance deadline (HLA) 3 hours before the flight departure. This will allow operational teams to finalize flight preparation.

When booking transportation or presenting your package, it is important to clearly specify the nature of its contents to receive the necessary recommendations for its packaging, and ensure proper handling of the goods.

In addition, certain goods are subject to conditions of carriage. They may be prohibited or regulated. Therefore, it is highly recommended to report when your package contains :

  • Fragile items: glasses, plates, tiles, glass, etc.
  • Items that require special handling
  • Drugs and medecines
  • Perishable products: edible food, hatching egg, perishable fresh meat, fish and seafood (fresh or frozen), fruit and vegetables, flowers and live plants.
  • Live animals : day-old chicks. Dogs, cats, small mammals and birds, reptiles require veterinary certification, and/or CITES certificate.
  • Refrigerated or frozen products
  • Regulated items (such as essential oils or lithium lithium batteries)

Responsibility on the packaging

  • The packaging of the parcels is your responsibility. It must be properly carried out and sufficiently strong to protect its contents and to support the weight of the other packages; and sufficiently watertight not to damage the other packages due to possible leakage or to cause corrosion of the aircraft’s cargo compartment. Contact us for more information.
  • Our recommendations on packaging:


Recommended packaging
Ordinary goodsProper packaging for packages transported


  • Rigid packaging
  • Padding material in sufficient quantity and in accordance with the nature of the goods
  • Padding material to protect the entire surface of the fragile object

Value (valuable goods)

Packaging must be such that the contents cannot be touched or removed without obvious traces.
MedicinesRigid packaging (if containing fragile products such as bottles)
  • Tight packing
  • Cooler, insulated bag sealed in rigid container
live animalsSealed container (rigid and solid) with clean materials, and ventilation opening and grip facilities
Dangerous goods

For more details, please contact one of our customer services representatives

  • Important: each package must pass the required security measures. Therefore, we advise you to equip yourself with the necessary tools to close your package after the filtering inspection.

* Prices in euros, vary according to the daily rate - All taxes included - Subject to availability - Likely to increase without notice.