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Products and services

Type of rates - CARGO FLIGHTS

Tsaradia proposes three (03) types of cargo rates, depending on the nature of the cargo to be shipped:

  • In «Ordinary» freight
  • In «Vanilla» freight, which concerns the transport of raw or processed Vanilla
  • In freight "Value", which concerns precious stones and metals, diplomas, works of art, bills of exchange, bonds, banknotes, and any other object of value
  • In "Special" freight, which concerns any special shipments such as live animals etc.
FreightAmount (VAT)Document fees (VAT)


4500 MGA/kg

(Minimum price of 40,000 MGA for a package less than 8.5kg)


For the transport of dangerous goods, a charge of
44 600MGA/declaration

For other types of goods
5000MGA / declaration (air waybill fees)


8500 MGA/kg


9000 MGA/kg

Special consignmentsOn quote for all other categories of freight (live animals, transport of mortal remains...)
Insurance (optional) 
  • Insurance covers loss and damage during transport (from acceptance to delivery)
  • Depending on the nature of the cargo, the amount of insurance varies from 1,5 to 22.5/1000 of the declared value plus the value of the transport
  • Inform our agent if you wish to purchase insurance at the time of booking
* Document fees are non-refundable



Tariff = weight X unit price

If the package is large or has a relatively low weight given its volume, a special tariff will be applied. The tariff is applicable for a weight/volume ratio (1kg=6dm3)

It is therefore recommended to always specify the dimensions of the package when requesting a quote to be sure to obtain the fairest rate.

Regardless of the total weight* of the shipment, a minimum price of 40,000MGA HTVA (+ other charges) will be applied for small ordinary parcels in weight and volume. (Minimum dimensions of a small parcel are 25 x 18 x 08 cm).

* Up to 8.5kg taxable for ordinary freight. For weights greater than 8.5kg the normal tax per kg is applicable.

* Prices in euros, vary according to the daily rate - All taxes included - Subject to availability - Likely to increase without notice.