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Food and Drinks on Board

The Malagasy terroir is honored on Tsaradia flights !

Tsaradia promotes the Vita Malagasy in its values; it is therefore quite naturally that the company offers catering services that highlight the Malagasy terroir.

Breakfast until 9am

For a 100% Malagasy breakfast, Tsaradia offers redesigned "Makasaoka" and"Menakely", "mofo voanio" and Malagasy chocolate or fruit pudding to its customers on flights lasting more than 50 minutes until 9am. These Malagasy pastries are each an integral part of the gastronomic history of the Big Island. They are made every morning by the cooks of Sofitrans (Air Madagascar Group) to ensure freshness and crispness. Muffins with Malagasy flavours (vanilla and pineapple) will accompany Malagasy pastries.

Passengers in the Privilege Class will have a sweet yogurt to complete their breakfast. A range of hot and cold drinks is available to accompany breakfast with natural juices, mineral water, coffee, tea and chocolate.

After 9am in the morning

Tsaradia's flight attendants will offer Privilege Class customers a snack for any takeoff after 9am and for flights lasting more than 50 minutes. The Tsaradia Customer Experience Service and the Sofitrans Chef de Cuisine, Mr Lee, have concocted menus based on the Malagasy terroir.

[Translate to English:] Repas à bord - Tsaradia privilège

Passengers in the Privilege class will enjoy:

  • a half cooked foie gras with coarse salt & cucumber chutney, foie gras being an essential element of Malagasy haute cuisine

  • Tika Massala chicken skewer and vegetable salad with spicy vinaigrette

  • Angavo Malagasy cheese, which will be integrated into poultry croquettes

  • the must-have Zebu in wrap version with soya sprouts

  • skewers of lacquered duck and green vegetables

  • the maritime terroir will also be honoured by fish skewers with a quinoa salad,

  • for a sweet note at the end of the snack, a banana pie, a fresh fruit salad, a roasted pineapple with cinnamon, a chocolate caramel fondant or a brownie with Malagasy chocolate will delight the taste buds of Privilèges customers.

For any takeoff after 9am and for flights lasting more than 50 minutes, a wide range of drinks will be available:

  • in economy class: Ice tea, natural juice, mineral water, soft drinks
  • in Privilege Class: Ice tea, natural juice, mineral water, soft drinks, beer and hot drinks (coffee & tea)

Tsaradia wishes you a pleasant trip accompanied by the Malagasy "terroir".

Alternating services on our flights

  • Half-cooked foie gras with coarse salt and cucumber chutney and roasted pineapple with cinnamon
  • Tika Massala chicken skewer and vegetable salad with spicy vinaigrette; chocolate caramel fondant served in a dessert
  • Fish skewers with a quinoa salad, candied lemon and a banana pie served in a dessert.
  • Poultry wing croquettes stuffed with angavo (cheese) and mixed green vegetables; and a brownie with malagasy chocolate for dessert
  • Caramelized duck skewer with green vegetables, fresh fruit salad
  • Zebu Wraps and Soy Sprouts and roasted pineapple with cinnamon

* Prices in euros, vary according to the daily rate - All taxes included - Subject to availability - Likely to increase without notice.